The KFC PI Diaries I Part 2. The Chase


When Ogilvy heard about two men who targeted KFC branches as fake food inspectors to get free meals, the story – which later proved to be fake itself – inspired a three-part documentary-style campaign for their client detailing the “investigation” that followed. And Katlego’s storytelling skills and talent for comedy were immediately put on the case.
“The KFC PI Diaries” follows top Private Investigator Beckett Mathunzi as he pulls out all the stops to find the dastardly culprit, the clues mounting up as he gets closer and closer to solving the mystery. Like, really close. Fantastic casting, quirky and understated comedic timing and editing and a Coen brothers-inspired shooting style makes for a riveting and hilarious crime investigation “whodunnit”.
And with the three films achieving over three million views within three days, it seems we’re not the only ones to think so.
So if you’re looking for answers for your concept idea and need a razor sharp mind to crack the case, contact Spitfire and we’ll get Katlego onto it. Because all the evidence points to a brilliant result.

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