Taste the Sun I SOL - Roundhouse Kick Opener


Bright ideas, bright performances, bright style – it’s gotta be Katlego and Sol.
Over the years Sol Beer has built its brand on being light, bright and refreshingly fun. So when Rapt Creative created a new series of ads for their client, they needed someone with the same sense of irreverence with a distinctive style.
Enter Katlego Baaitse. With his agency background Katlego is super skilled in crystal clear communication, along with an amazing ability to get outstanding performances from his cast. And what a cast! You want bright? You want fun? You want to taste the sun? Then you want Mandisa “MandzNotHot” Jakavula, Farieda 'Pharoahfi' Metsileng and Lindah Majola. What followed was a crazy two-day shoot where everyone and everything just popped – and came together in eight quirky, totally out-there ads that did too.
Check out the end result yourself for a taste of just what Katlego can bring to the table. Then contact us about your bright ideas. Because we’d love a taste of them too.

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