Liefde In Die Pandemie | Schalk Bezuidenhout x Peach van Pletzen ft. Leah Van Niekerk


Comedy Central, Heritage Day and Spitfire’s Katlego Baaitse. Serious?
Hola, heita, howzit – it’s Heritage Month, and there’s no country on earth that mixes it up quite like South Africa does. And no Director that likes mixing up people, comedy, performance and storytelling quite like Spitfire’s Katlego Baaitse.
Invited by Comedy Central to work with great comedic talents such as Mashabela, Peach van Pletzen and Schalk Bezuidenhout, and with cameos from musicians like Mpumi, Donald , Kurt Darren and Leah, Katlego created a series of tongue-in-cheek music videos celebrating South Africa’s resilience, diversity and, most importantly, our unique brand of humour. Demonstrating once again Katlego’s natural affinity for comedy and his ability to coax outstanding performances from his cast.
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