Converse I Create Next


Converse, Joe Public, Spitfire and Katlego: All Stars together.
For more than a hundred years, Converse All Stars have been the coolest kicks around for those going places. For arguably just as long student debt has been the dead weight holding talented young people back.
So when Spitfire Director, Katlego Baaitse, got the opportunity to work with Converse and agency Joe Public in showcasing their “Create Next” campaign, he made like Chuck Taylor and leapt.
Working with some of the students who’d had their debt kicked by Converse – out of some 100 plus, with more than R2 million debt wiped to date ¬– Katlego’s work lays bare all the emotion, creativity and optimism of the Converse All Stars “Create Next” campaign, and what it means for its beneficiaries. Underscored by original music, Katlego’s work is a celebration of how positively powerful the future can be when bold brands take action.

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