Africanbank - The Difference Is in You


For African Bank, the difference is in Spitfire.
Creating impactful work is the Spitfire difference. Creating impactful work beautifully is Spitfire Director JT’s difference. Which is why Known Agency, and their client African Bank, awarded JT their exciting new “The Difference is in You” campaign.A one-day shoot with a cast of 12 and a crew of 21 to create one 45” edit with seven cutdowns takes some fancy footwork. And JT’s becoming famous for his lit moves – his ability to get great performances and create amazingly engaging work in record time. While the fantastic collaboration between the full team at Spitfire, Known Agency and African Bank is what, in the end … made all the difference.We’d love to make a difference to your work too. Call us to find out more.

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