Executive Producer/Founder

“It can’t be done? Hold my Aperol Spritz."

“Can’t” is not a word you’ll hear come out of Liesl Lategan’s mouth. As co-founder and Executive Producer at Spitfire Films, she’s built a formidable reputation as someone who gets things done, whatever the odds. In fact, tell her that something can’t be done and she’ll take it as a challenge, rather than an invitation to surrender.

And since she opened Spitfire’s doors it’s been an approach that’s accomplished impressive results. Together with co-founder and Director AK, Liesl has grown the company to be a major player in the industry, with Spitfire recently placed 9th in the Loeries Official Overall Production Company Rankings for the whole of Africa and the Middle East.

She’s been invited to judge the Ciclope awards. She’s been invited to judge the Assegai awards. And, with Spitfire, she’s been on the receiving end of more than 95 awards, including Cannes, One Show, Loeries, Clios, D&ADs and a whole lot more.

So much for can’t.

And so it’s been right through her career.

Liesl takes all of her intense passion for making great work, combines it with an instinctive skill for finding solutions, and gets the results clients need. Clients that include the biggest agencies in the business and the greatest brands in Africa and beyond. She’s put the “produce” into Executive Producer like no-one else has, because she can. And “can’t” doesn’t cut it, ever.
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