A cutting-edge banking platform needs a cutting-edge card. The YAP mirror card is one like no other: 18 grams of mirrored Mastercard metal. And working with one of the formidable animation studios in the country, Cinegistix, Katlego’s work literally reflected (there you go!) the world-class stylishness of this exclusive card.
For YAP – and Katlego – the future looks seriously bright. Contact Spitfire and we’ll make your work shine too.

"Spitfire’s Katlego goes global with YAP.
A new, exciting, and innovative banking platform breaking through in the Middle East, and based on cutting edge tech, YAP digital banking has its sights set firmly on the future – and on global growth. Which is why, to announce their presence to the world, they and agency Impact Proximity Dubai looked to their creative kindred and comrade, Spitfire’s Katlego Baaitse."

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