Nedbank orders a Reality Check. Katlego delivers.

Who’s adequately prepared for retirement? Less than 10% of South Africans, that’s who. Nedbank and their agency Joe Public had a powerful message to share. And Spitfire Director Katlego Baaitse was entrusted with bringing it to life.

It’s a sensitive subject: 90% of South Africans can’t afford to retire. But draw your target market into a situation they can relate and react honestly to and you’ve hit the message home. So on 16 April 2023 at the upmarket Greenhouse Restaurant in Sandton, Nedbank, Joe and Katlego put a twist on reality that placed people’s retirement futures front and centre.

Katlego invites the viewer along as a sympathetic observer to an uncomfortable truth. By amplifying the empathy of restaurant patrons to servers who should have long retired, Katlego and Nedbank heighten the stark reality of having to work way beyond what should be acceptable. And produced a powerful piece of work that blends respect with compassion wrapped in a hard-hitting warning: Don’t let this be you.

In contrast, though, let this be you if you have a board that needs to soar: contact Spitfire now and let’s talk about how Katlego can help make this happen.

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